Whenever we hear something about 5G, it excites us. While much of the hype has been because of how countries in the West, especially the USA and China are battling out to be the first one to mainstream this revolutionary networking technology, the good thing is that Pakistan is also on the run to make 5G happen for its people.

If you are wondering that the news about making 5G possible in Pakistan is a more recent one then you have most certainly missed Zong’s attempt to achieve 1Gbps speed when the company was the first one to conduct 5G tests after getting permissions from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority back in 2019. As this was still in the experimental phase, Zong took up the responsibility to make the 5G setup even better and at the start of 2020 we even saw Zong conducting a video call on 5G network, along with a promise that there is much more to come including commercial trials.

Second on the list to successfully achieve 5G speed was Mobilink and according to reliable resources, their company was able to attain a whopping 1.42 Gbps with their initial test. As Jazz already works aggressively on the data segment and enjoys a massive spectrum made available to it, breaking the speed records just becomes a matter of time as always.

Therefore, now looking at the situation and achievements of telecommunication companies within the limitations that were set for the tests, the Government of Pakistan seems to be very serious about joining the list of very few countries that have made commercial 5G trials possible already. So moving forward with their aim, one can expect major steps to be taken for introducing 5G on a larger scale and the first to go with is:

Ministry of IT & Telecom Initiates Comprehensive 5G Planning In Pakistan

On January 9th, 2020, The Federal Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication has decided to initiate a committee that is given the task to provide a detailed road-map for 5G technology in Pakistan.

Going further into the details, the committee will be responsible to develop a strategic plan, formulate working groups for 5G spectrum management, develop telecom infrastructure, review telecom regulations including health and safety and give a comprehensive overview of use cases where 5G will benefit.

The committee will be run by the IT ministry, PTA, frequency allocation board (FAB), PM Office SRIU (Strategic Reforms Implementation Unit), PM Task force on IT & Telecom, academia, Cellular Mobile Operators and Telecom vendors.

Besides that, to make the working of 5G planning in Pakistan a bit more feasible, The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has already also formed a committee for the auction of 5G spectrum in the country. This, however, will be headed by member IT of the ministry, representatives from the top four telcos operating in the country and an officer of the Frequency Allocation Board. The responsibility of the committee also include forming policy regarding the auction of 5G licenses that would also include the fee to be charged and other issues.

5G Planning In Pakistan

With all going well for 5G planning in Pakistan, there is also a certain need for people to know what can 5G possibly do for them. As of now, 5G is generally assumed to make our mobile internet connections by the majority of the population. The statistics also confirm that about 90% of people above the age of 6 will find cell phone a necessity because of it. But the term “revolutionary” is getting tagged along with 5G constantly, there is a lot more that the advanced network would be made to do

How Will 5G Change The Way We Live?

New Realities

Have you heard about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as of yet? If not then don’t worry because 5G will convert it into a norm. For a brief introduction, AR can help us in knowing the prices of products by just looking at them or give us more appropriate walking routes. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, can create artificial views that can exceed your imagination e.g becoming a part of games with motion capture.

VR and AR together can change the way you experience events or performances as you will get to be close to the action and then decide between different perspectives. But before all of it becomes a reality you need wearables and data to be pulled instantly which only 5G can offer.

Smarter Cities

The concept of smart city was introduced with 4G but unfortunately it never really took off. We have seen smart parking lots or street lights but none of the setups have been able to hit a level of consistent connectivity. But with the advent of 5G, you can expect cities to become smarter with IoT helping you out in little tasks e.g picking up trash, improve traffic conditions and even prevent power outages etc.

More Advanced Factories

With 5G, manufacturing process wouldn’t just remain limited to the factory floor. Right from the designing stage to distribution, the entire process of product development would be connected. And while this isn’t enough, feedback from customers would also be given to the designer in real-time! Hence, this is the reason why manufacturing companies spare a large budget for spending it on the magic of connected devices and IoT devices to go with it.

Autonomous Vehicle

Although the concept of autonomous cars for Pakistan is very far away from reality but for the world, the right planning of 5G would lead it up to being the best fuel for autonomous vehicles. The speed and ability to compute in real-time will help one autonomous vehicle to connect to other and take care of people, buildings and street lights better than 4G, thus creating better, smarter, safer vehicles which will also have the ability to instantly re-route, estimate arrival times, avoid accidents, and keep the streets safe.

The list of things that Pakistan can benefit from with right planning and implementation of 5G network will, of course, go on till the time we see it becoming a reality. But what’s been done till date, the future definitely looks promising and we can expect Pakistan rolling out with 5G right in time with the devices that will stand compatible with the technology.