You need to create a featured image for your blog article when you trying to attract your readers or want your visitors’ attention.  When it comes to shareable articles, a feature image is as essential as a blog post.  You have to make an image for your own blog, and it’s the ideal way to enhance your blog.

Developing a stunning featured image for your blog article not only enhances your blog but also engage readers on your blog.  An image of a blog post helps its readers to share the content.  We urge you to never underestimate the significance of the feature image.

How do I get a featured image?

You need to do the following steps:

  1. First, find an image or you need to design a featured image that conveys the message of your post
  2. Make’s sure that the image comprises eye-popping colors.
  3. While inserting image do not forget to add Alt tag of your image according to your post keywords

Let’s Explore Best Methods to Improve your Blog Posts using Canva.

It’s simple to make a stunning image for your blog post and believe it only takes a couple of minutes.  In this article, I use the website of Canva to make a featured image.  I will guide you from start to end.  The final designed image will be eye-grabbing and will not only communicate the significance of your article but also attract its visitors while scrolling through their feeds on social networking.

Step 1: Create Account on Canva website

Go to, create your free account, verify through email, and log in it.

Step 2: How to Create the Canvas

After logging in you will see the dashboard.  By Dashboard click on create a layout.  You might even choose your preference for image dimensions for example Facebook Post, infographics, Website banner, Instagram post, etc.

  • As we’re currently designing a image for a blog post so we select custom dimension options.
  • Then click create a design button.

Create the Canvas


  • Now type image’s resolution in accordance with your post.
  • I choose 900 x 500 pixels.
  • Now you have to click on create the new design and a page of canva will be open.

resolution of feature image

Step 3: How to Explore the features of Canva Interface?

If you’re a beginner it is better to spend a little time and explore the characteristic of canva editor interface.  The two elements of this interface are the top toolbars and the left sidebar.  In precis from above Toolbar, you can fix font styles, colors, alignment, location, and transparency.  And through the left sidebar, you may choose any design or your image, Upload Background for images, add text, add videos, elements, music, and many more.

Step 4: How to Add Background Image in Canva?

  • You can either browse the background image through Canva or can also upload your own image.
  • It’s so simple you just have to click on upload button.
  • Choose your image Click open.


  • Now the uploaded image will show in the uploads section of the sidebar.
  • Just click on it, the image will add to the canvas.


upload Image in Canva

Step 5: Position the image in Canva

  • Simply set the position of the picture on canvas, As Soon as you have added the picture.
  • All You Need to do, just click on the top-right or top left border of the picture and you can adjust the image’s position.

Step 6: Center the Image perfectly in Canva

  • In this step click on the image and move it around.
  • While moving you will see the grids that automatically snap the image. This will helps you to adjust the center of the image perfectly.

Step 7: Add a Translucent Overlay

It’s well worth adding a translucent layer over the top of the background picture it makes the text readable.

  • In this step, click from the left sidebar on Elements.
  • Then click on shapes.
  • Choose any form of your choice.
  • I choose the Square shape and then resize it.
  • Now change its color to dark grey.
  • Then, adjust the element’s position, click the Transparency button, and change it.

Translucent Overlay in Canva

Step 8: Add Text in Canva

  • To add text to a translucent overlay, Click on the text in the left sidebar.
  • Now here, you may see two options, either you can choose canva premade templates of text, or you can produce your customized text box either for text, subheading, or heading.
  • So all you have to do is just select the text, add it, and draws where you want to reposition it.


Add Text in Canva

Employing the above toolbar, you can customize your text with different styles, e.g. colors, font design, font dimensions, alignment, and a lot more.  It helps to create a gorgeous image for a website or your own blog.

Makes sure the text color you choose, should contrast with a background color.  I suggest you play with the color gradient tool, in this way it can help you to find the perfect color for your featured image if you would like to find the color.

Step 9: Download the Image in Canva

  • In the last step, you can download your image.
  • Click on the download Tap from the top right core.
  • You can select a file type, e.g PNG, JPEG, etc.
  • Click on the download button.

Download Image of Canva

Note: You can also brand your featured image with your Blog Logo or graphics.

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