Backlinks are directed towards your website, so if you use high-quality backlinks then Google will give more credits to websites that have high quality as well as relevant backlinks. So let’s start on “how to drive traffic to your website”.

I am going to share two techniques that you need to do If you want to drive traffic to your website in 2020. So the 1st technique that you need to consider is to increase your site domain authority without getting new links. And the 2nd technique is to build high-quality backlinks, its super effective.

1st Method          Grow site Domain Authority

2nd Method         Build High-Quality Backlinks

You may check out this video for Explanation  :)

Here I want to tell you some of the steps which are very helpful in increasing a site domain authority.

1st Method

Grow site Domain Authority

Consider the following steps:

  • Fix redirect chain
  • Change 302 to 301
  • Reclaim Lost Links by fixing 404 errors

1.  Fix Redirect Chain

So the first method I have for you is to fix the redirect chains. You may hear about the term redirect chain but not sure what exactly it is. It is simply defined as a link on a page A that redirects you to another page B, and that page B redirect you to another page C & so on. You can say that it is a series of redirects from one URL to another.

For example, if anyone ( linked to your website through a redirect (another URL ) that is a redirect chain.

But if you use too many redirects it makes our webpage loading speed slow and you know very well that peoples and the search engine do not like. And the page loading speed is also considering the most important ranking factor. If you are still confused about understanding the concept of the redirect chain then consider the following diagram.

How to fix redirect issues in website

As you can see in the above diagram that page 1 redirects to page 2 and page 2 is redirecting to page 3. But the issue is that page 1 and page 3 are not redirected to each other directly and page 2 acts as a buffer between page 1 and page 3. Due to this technical issue the potential authority of page C is robbing.

i.  How to fix Redirect Chain

So, guys, to resolve this technical issue we need a 301 redirect between page 1 and page 3 and by fixing this problem page 3 will also get the authority and link equity.

ii.  How to Find redirect chains

You can find a redirect chain by using a screaming frog SEO Spider.

  • Open a Screaming Frog
  • Enter your domain and start Analysis
  • Then click on Report
  • Redirect and canonical
  • Save the file

Putting a 301 redirect between page1 and page 3 is a more effective way than using a buffer between page 1 and page 3.

2.  Change 302 to 301’s

The 2nd method to grow your site authority is to fix all 302 redirects. We are in 2020 and even in 2020 many website owners confused between the difference of 301 and 302 redirect and unclear about which one is better for the ranking factor.

So you should clear about this now the question is what 301 redirect is?

i.  What is 301 Redirect?

A 301 is a permanent redirect that tells a search engine that a web page or URL is moved permanently. And according to ranking factor and SEO prospective 301 redirects are best to use.

ii.  What are 302 Redirects?

Now the question is what 302 redirects are? And why we should avoid these kinds of redirects. 302 redirects tell a search engine that a website is moved temporarily.  And many website owners use 302 redirects when they want to send users to a new website or any other page for a short duration of time. It may happen due to any issue such as due to expiration of domain or when they are updating their website.

However, it is important to note that if you use 302 redirects for a long duration, or if you forget to change a 302 redirect to 301, then it might hurt your SEO efforts and may cause a down in ranking.

iii.  How to find 302 redirects?

To find 302 redirects do the following actions:

  • Open screaming frog
  • Click response codes tab
  • Click on the “filter drop-down”
  • And select redirect (3xx)

Her you can see all redirects, in case if you find any 302 redirects then you must need to fix it.

3.  Reclaim Lost Links by fixing 404 errors

You can use a screaming frog SEO spider or Google console to find 404 errors.

i.  How to Find 404 errors by using Google Console?

  • Just open Google search console
  • Go to coverage
  • Click on crawl errors
  • Select not found

ii.  How to find 404 errors using screaming frog SEO Spider?

  • Go to response codes
  • Click Filter

If you find any 404 error pages then you must have fixed them by redirecting them to the correct pages or if any relevant page exists.

2nd Method

Build High-Quality Backlinks

Friends getting free website traffic and increasing a site domain authority is not an easy task. No doubt Google search engine and other search engines are the great sources for free traffic. But SEO takes time.

Well if you want to acquire free traffic to your new website then there are some white Hat legal techniques that I am going to share with you. There are many sources through which you can acquire free traffic.

Let’s get started:

1.  Evergreen Content

Friends when you are a startup or just launched a new website, It is not an easy task to drive a free traffic to your new website in an effective way but if you know some smarter techniques then it might become possible for you to drive traffic.

Well, you might hear about evergreen content. It is the best way to establish your site authority in a particular subject. Evergreen content is the best way to attract new visitors to your website. It not only helps to keep your site fresh but also increases your site ranking in Google.

You can write on any current affair or trendy news. It leads to a sudden boost in traffic.

2.  Use reverse Silo Architecture

When it comes to building high-quality backlinks then you must consider reverse silo architecture.

Instead of trying to get backlinks from non-linkable pages such as category or product pages, you may get backlinks from content-rich pages. You can create blog posts or general info pages. And in this way, you can acquire backlinks from rich content. It is a more effective way to acquire backlinks from valuable information.

3.  Get free Traffic from FB groups

One of the biggest sources of getting high-quality free website traffic is Face Groups”. As you all know that Facebook groups are not new and they have been existing for years. But recently you may notice that Facebook App has dedicated tap for Facebook groups. Because Facebook is pushing groups very hard. In other words, Facebook groups have never been so active ever before.

It means by using Facebook groups you can drive more target traffic to your website. Facebook has over 1.45 billion daily active users. That’s why it’s an amazing platform where you can get targeted leads. And it’s going to become a great source this year and coming years. You just need to join relevant Facebook groups and in this way, you can easily hit your target audience.

4.  Get Free Traffic from Quora

The next easy and free of cost high-quality link building and traffic source is Quora. No doubt Quora is the biggest question and answering site right now. It is a site where the user comes and posts their question and these questions are answers by the community.

According to the Alexa traffic state, it is one of the top 250 sites all over the world. While searching on Google many times you may be noticed that the Quora site is in the top 10 results. Ans in this way Quora gets free website traffic from Google itself. It means you can also utilize this free traffic platform.

i.  How to Drive Free Traffic From Quora?

You just need to create your account, complete your profile info, and answer the queries that are related to your field or related to your product. While answering the query you may smartly add the link of your webpage.

So this how you can utilize this free platform for traffic as well as for the quality backlinks.

5.  Get free Traffic from Medium Website

You might hear about Medium is a free blogging platform to publish blogs and articles. Medium has been categorized as an online magazine and blogging platform that is launched in 2012. Furthermore, the market share of medium is also significantly grown over the years. Many companies use medium to drive traffic. Now the question is:

i.  How to drive traffic by using medium to your website?

So, guys, it’s not a hard task, just take a deep breath and follow the following steps.

  • Create your account on
  • Write a mini-blog that is relevant to your blog
  • Smartly add your hyperlink
  • Publish your post

Today medium is considering one of the hottest content platforms. So makes sure the content must be high quality to its reader.

In this way, you will not only get a high-quality backlink. But also an ethical way to drive traffic to your website.

6.  Get Traffic from Youtube

For improving brand awareness video marketing is the future. And after Google, Youtube is the 2nd most leading platform that is free of cost.

You just need to post your video, it will help in driving the targeted traffic to your website. As you know many users use YouTube to find their search. In this way, it is best to create a keyword targeting video and optimize video for the targeted keyword.

Moreover, if you add your site link in the description of your video, It will also help in growing your site authority. And if you don’t know to create a video. Then you don’t need to take worry as there are available many online free resources through which you can easily learn and create your video.

And the Good news is that many people find YouTube marketing very tough, so it’s the best opportunity for you because the competition is very low.

7.  Use Guest Posting to Increase your Website Traffic

When it comes to getting a sudden boost in traffic, guest posting is one of the best ways to choose. There are several advantages of guest posting, that’s why a lot of peoples are investing their time in writing guest posts. The major advantage of a guest post is that it helps in growing your site domain authority as well as drive traffic.

i.  How to do Guest Posting?

So the 1st step is to collect are websites that are related to your site niche and enter them in an excel sheet. There are some techniques through which you can find your relevant site. Such as the following:

“Music”+ “write for us”

“Write your Keyword here” +” guest blogger”

“Write your Keyword here” +” writers needed”

Choose one by one such as I choose this one “Music”+ “write for us” and search this. It will show music-related websites that are accepting Guest posts. Open all relevant sites in new tabs one by one. Makes sure to check domain authority, traffic as well as spam score of the site you are choosing. And there are available free extensions such as Moz Bar and SEO quake, just install them and with the help of these free extensions, you can check. Then read carefully there guidelines. Follow their guidelines and collect their Gmail address. Now do the following steps:

Step 1

Your goal is to create a Google sheet. Add columns just like I add in the following image and collect the data. It will help you in an effective outreach campaign.

Guide to effective Guest Blogging

Step 2

Your step is to create a template for outreach. You can also download the free Guest post template from the link below.

Free Guest post Outreach Template 

Step 3

Outreach all the emails that you have collected. Just modify the template according to your requirements and send them to all emails

Step 4

Wait for their response and follow their suggestions

So friends, getting more traffic to a new website does not happen overnight, It takes your efforts and time. And it’s, not a hard task you just need to understand the technical aspects.

Any Questions? Let me know in Comments …