What is the Difference between Guest Post and just a Post?

A Guest Post is a piece of content or an article that you write and then publish on someone else’s blog. You should clear the difference between “Guest Post” and just a “Post”. Well, when you write something for your Website it’s called Post and when you write for someone else’s blog to get a backlink for your website, it is called Guest Post.

What is Outreach?

Outreach is an activity that you attempt to contact someone to get a response. Outreach doesn’t only mean just to send emails. An ideal outreach is one, the recipient open, read, and reply to you.

How to Request to Guest Post and Get Accepted?

If you are looking for the ideal Guest Post Outreach template or your Guest post Outreach templates are constantly rejected then you are exactly at the right place.

In this article, I will show you the ideal Guest Post Outreach Templates that will help you to increase the acceptance chances of your Guest Blog. Not only this but also help you to build more High-quality backlinks, Get more traffic, and grow the overall Domain Authority (DA) of your website.


So Are you Ready?

Let’s see the two Best Proven Guest posts Outreach Templates.

Guest Post Proposal Sample 1


This is {{Your Name}} here. During my research on education blogs, I have found your this blog  {{Blog Name}}  relevant to my writing niche and I love the quality content of your blog. I’m getting in touch with you regarding your this blog “{{Write Blog Post URL here}}”.

I’m currently working on my new blog “{{Your Blog URL}}” and recently I published a new article that discusses “{{Here write your Article Title name}}” and I noticed you didn’t have any relevant links that help to give the reader more details. I think it might be worth a mention in your article as it provides an easy and intuitive way to get more readers. You can review the article at {{Here use any previous Live Article URL}} if you find the resource to be of value to you and your readers; I’d appreciate it if you could add it to your blog  {{ Blog Name}} this blog.

Moreover, you can also provide me your topic/link relevant to my blog. Let me know if you are interested in this exchange.

Looking forward to your response.


Fozia Falak*   

* Here write your name

   Guest Post Proposal Sample2


This is {{Your Name}} here. I have found your site relevant to my writing niche. I would like to guest blog on your site because I believe I can contribute valuable content on your site. I want you to share my unique and useful articles among your potential readers who want to hear something different on your site.

I’ve been brainstorming some suitable topics related to home improvement and other different niches.

{{Write Title of Topic 1}}

{{Write Title of Topic 2}}

Please let me know if you are interested. I would like to come to win an agreement where we both benefit from the posts I write.

{{Link 1 }}

{{Link 2}}

I have added some links to my previously written articles and hope that you would be encouraged by my writings.

Looking forward to hearing from you


{{Write your Name Here}}

How to Find Guest Post Opportunities?

One of the most popular methods to find Guest Post related to your website niche is to go to Google. And search Guest blogging sites related to your website niche by using the following search techniques.

What are the most popular Guest Post finding search techniques?

“Write your Keyword here” + “write for us”

“Write your Keyword here” + “guest post opportunities”

“Write your Keyword here” + “submit articles”

“Write your Keyword here” +” guest blogger”

“Write your Keyword here” +” writers needed”

“Write your Keyword here” +” blog for us”

“Write your Keyword here” + ” become a contributor”

“Write your Keyword here” +” guest author”

“Write your Keyword here” + “contributing writer”

“Write your Keyword here” + “guest post”

“Write your Keyword here” + “submit a guest post”

Use the above search strings to find blogs that accept Guest posts.