Someone Say’s that “Death is painful but not as much as life”.

Harsh Reality of This Life

I often get so lost in one question even I stop seeing and hearing what happened around me. My brain locks in and when I try to write the answer to this question, words are not ready to be written, my hands get frozen. It would not be wrong to say that life gets stuck and then again the question starts shaking my mind that “Why life is so unfair to some peoples?“. Even the majority of us think the same and operate under this question, it does not matter whether we know it or not. But everyone has to bear the harsh realities of life.

When we broke up with someone we love, or when our loved ones die, It’s really very hard and painful to admit this reality. Even for many years or for the whole life our mind doesn’t accept the fact that our loved ones are no longer with us.

Mystery Behind the Death of Poor Doctor

There is no doubt that life is based on dreams and hopes. And we do everything to turn our dream into reality so that we can live a happy life. But at some point in our life, we all endure trials and tribulations that try to shake our resolve. A trusted loved one may betray us or leave us alone. The same thing has happened with Late Dr. Syeda Rifat Sultana of Wah Cantt area of Rawalpindi.


When the mystery behind the death of poor doctor “Dr. Syeda Rifat Sultana” and behind “Please Give me One Rupee” revealed to me, it shaken my mind.


Syeda Dr. Rifat Sultana belongs to a well-educated family.  After studying medicine in London and Germany, when she returned back to Pakistan, she starts practicing in her own field. Where she fell in love with a fellow doctor. From childhood, till she married Dr. Sahib she got everything she wants and dreams of. Even in the matter of love, she proved to be lucky and get married to Dr. Sahib.  But the scribe of destiny had written something else for her life. A few days after the marriage it was revealed to her that her spouse was cheating on her and married again. Even he took all the property of Dr. Rifat Sultana in his name and kicked her out of his house. Then Dr. Sahib took his second wife and shifted to Europe.


Then one day she got divorced. Successive traumas badly affected Dr. Rafat Sultana’s sensitive heart and mind.  God knows best but it is said that the last words she heard from her husband were this that “I have made you so poor that now you will miss even One Rupee“. And Due to this tragic incident, she lost her mental balance.


After that people of Wah Cant saw her begging for almost 20 years.  After her divorce, she kept asking for only one rupee all her life. Whenever she needs she ask passers “Allah Kay name Pay Sirf Aik Rupaiya Day Ja” or say in English ” Please Give me One Rupee“.  Even if someone gave five rupees, she would take out four rupees from her purse and return it by saying that she only needs 1 rupee. Peoples called her Mai for one rupee.


While fighting with these janglings of life she passed away in December 2016. The day she died, The whole city was mourn.  And a large number of people attended her funeral. Peoples of the city buried her in the shadow of millions of love.


This is what peoples of Wah cant knows about Late Dr. Syeda Rifat Sultana. The most painful real-life story I have ever heard.


That’s What I Think – Heal a Broken Heart

However, in my opinion, these tragedies may be a bitter truth of life, but we should accept it and go ahead. Ignoring the truth won’t make a difference. We can’t change the truth, and only ignoring them is not going to change our life. The person we love the most may hurt us the most. Understanding these life facts will help us to live a better and happier life, at least a better life.


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